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Eshed Advanced Orthopedics Ltd. was established at 1985 by a group of Orthotists and Prosthetists certified by the Ministry of Health. Since its founding Eshed has became the leader in its field, employing the most updated technology available. Eshed currently employs around 20 practitioners in Jerusalem, Tel Hashomer and Haifa. We have accumulated over 40 years of experience since the early 1970's and participate in continuing education programs in Israel and abroad.
Eshed orthopedics provides solutions to a broad range of orthopedic related challenges in its several departments:
# Upper extremities: measuring, fabricating and fitting arm prostheses.
# Lower extremities: measuring, fabricating and fitting leg prostheses.
# Wheelchairs matched for individual patients' requirements.
# Orthotics: custom fabricated of braces and spinal corsets.
# Orthopedic shoes: custom made by plaster model.
# Over the counter ready made products and custom fitted products.
We are particularly proud of our prostheses for upper extremity,  congenital deficiency, vascular and traumatic amputations.
We provide service to Ministry of Defense veterans, Ministry of Health, terror victims, health insurance fund patients. We also serve patients from abroad who come for orthopedic treatment, providing for hotel and tourist requirements in addition to our usual products.   
We in Eshed provide personal service combined with latest technological advances in cooperation with expert rehabilitation staff to meet  unique patient needs. We are proud of our highly qualified staff and pleasant informal atmosphere. We cater and accompany our patients for as long as they need.
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 Eshed Orthopedicies stuff and management
2 Haron Katzir Ave Tel-Hashomer, Ramat-Gan, Israel,
Tel: 972-3-5355033 extention 9, Fax: 972-3-5350110